Content Writing and Development Services

People started to browse website's for any information they want and so content becomes a crucial thing in driving visitors to any website. Writing requires researching, gathering information, editing content. The content needs to be simple and should communicate the desired information to the readers.

We offer effecting content writing services via multiple channels.

Technical Writing

With a term of experienced Technical Writers we offer writing for user manuals, brochures, installation manuals, reference manuals and corporate documents in an easily understandable terminology.

Web Content Writing

We perform content writing that clearly reflects your business products and services. In addition we follow keyword based writing which is useful for your websites.

Editing and Proofreading

In addition to writing fresh content, we also perform editing existing content such as travelogues , informative articles for perfection. In Proofreading service, we make your content error-free and improve it in linguistic make-up

Data Management Services that can be out sourced to us are:

Data Processing

We have been helping various business types on data processing such as Retail Intelligence Companies, E-com websites, etc.

Data Mining

Data can be mined to identify market segments or consumer tastes and preferences etc.

Data Cleansing

One of the key components data management is data cleansing. It can be done through calling, online search, emails, etc.

Data Verification and Extraction

The data verification is a process in which the gathered data is verified for authenticity and quality check.

Data Conversion

The data conversion is required to be performed as the data needs to be on a specific format to make full use of it.

Data Analysis Services

Data Analysis is a multi faceted task which involves Data mining, Data cleansing, Data validation and Data modeling.